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DX7 Print Head Solvent-Based Maximize

Solvent Printhead DX7 for Roland XR-640/RA-640/XF-640/RE-640 Original Print Head

As the advanced version of the DX-5 head, DX-7 head stands for the better reliability and stability.

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The DX7 is much more durable than DX5 for the eco-solvent ink printing. MT-Starjet 7702L printer is equipped with two high efficient DX-7 print heads, and it is proved to have 15% print head increasing.

DX-7 print head with micro piezo print technology can show not only the excellent printing quality, but also the durability to the Eco-solvent inks. DX-7 print head has a longer and more durable working life. The improvement of printing precision makes the ink droplets smaller, and the stability is better than that of DX-5 print head.

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