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Konica KM1024 LN Maximize

Konica KM1024LNB/42PL Printhead

This Konica KM 1024 printhead has wide-width featuring 72mm print width for realization of high productivity.

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The unit is equipped with twice the number of nozzles mounted on the KM512 printhead, enabling the high density required to realize the 72mm print width. This increased width further enhances applicability to printing systems (e.g. Single-pass inkjet printers) that demand high productivity. Konica Minolta piezo on-demand inkjet heads are already driven using lower voltages than other inkjet heads and the new actuator used in the KM1024 reduces power consumption even further. This makes the printhead ideally suited to “green” design and shows Konica Minolta’s ongoing consideration for the environment. Equipped with a new control IC, the KM1024 printhead can print up to a maximum of 8 drop sizes. This allows even greater control of the printed image resulting in smoother colour gradients and more precisely matched tones. This is the original Konica printhead and it carries the manufacturer warranty. This printhead is available in 14 (M) and 42 (L) picoliters,. This LN head has no heater.


DP part number : PPHKM10242

Manufacturer: Konica Minolta
Printer compatibility: Allwin S16 / C8 / C12

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