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Original Print Head Konica KM512 LH/42PL UV Pinthead

The Konica Minolta KM512 L series uses high resolution, with a spacing of 360 nozzles per inch, enabling 512 nozzles on a compact designed Piezo drop on demand print head.

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The drop volume is 42pl, the firing frequency used is 7.6kHz, the nozzle spacing is 70.5 µm. The KM512 print head is suitbale for solvent, UV or Oil based inks. It is suitable for both wide format and industrial applications.
This Printhead is used for white ink or varnish on Agfa printers and for white ink on Docan printers.

Manufacturer: Konica Minolta 
Printer compatibility: Agfa Anapurna Mv   Anapurna Mw, Dilli Neo Titan UV 1606W, Docan 2512 UV / 2518 UV   2518 16 UV  3020 UV, GERBER Solara Ion V   Solara Ion X, GRAPO Manta   Manta Slim   Manta White   Octopus II, Leopard UVB 
DP part number : PPHKM512LH

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